March 8, 2011





In my early days as a Moorish American I only had copies of a few treasures directly related to Moorish Science; “The Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America,” a “Humanity pamphlet,” the article called “Thanksgiving for Whom?” and this article on “Nationality.”  That’s it.  Those were my most treasured items.  I did not own a copy of the Divine Constitution and By Laws nor did I have a Questionnaire, etc.  During the months when I was in the company of Bro. Matthews El and Bro. Miles Bey I was the designated driver.  Bro. Matthews El did not know how to drive and Bro. Miles Bey did not have a driver’s license.  These brothers were friends of my mother.  My mother would be at work and I had her car for the day.  Bro. Miles Bey carried around a black binder with those items in it.  When we parted company after those many months shortly after the Temple out here in California stopped functioning for a while he left the binder in my mother’s vehicle.  When I saw him again about a year later, the first thing that he asked me about was those treasures. 


  So for a year this was all I had to study from, and I praise ALLAH for these treasures because I was so excited about Nationality, about being a Moorish American, about my forefathers Divine Creed and Principles and the true history of the Asiatic race.  I gained a personal pride in the fact that I was not “black, negro, or colored, etc.” and that my Ancient Forefathers were the founders of the first religious creed for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth.  I studied them profusely and gained a true love for the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  This article gave me something to think about in regards to things that we are taught and not taught as a whole.  An unabridged copy of the United States Constitution can be found at the Library of Congress.  This article is one that proves that the Prophet’s words are real and that all we have to do is spend a few hours in an up to date library and we will find that there are many secrets to learn.  I would like to share this article with you in hopes that it will inspire some to spend a few hours in up to date library or law library, etc.








In order for anyone to become a citizen in any national Government, he or she must proclaim their Free National Name before the Constitutional Government.  In proclaiming your Nationality you are also identifying yourself with the Human family or Family of Nations.  As a nationalized citizen you will be recognized by the government in which you live and all other nations of the world.  You will receive your human rights, opportunities and immunities which are provided for by the free National Constitution for all free national beings.  Our Nationality is Moorish American.  Where is our land?  What is our Origin?  Who are we descendants of?  These are just some of the questions that this article will answer for your better understanding of the Moorish American and the importance of Nationality.


As Moorish Americans, we are descendants of the Moroccans who inhabited the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa.  The ancient name of the Moroccans is Moabites, who originally inhabited the Land of Moab, located in the Land of Canaan in the Southwest portion of the Continent of Asia.  The Moabites received permission from the great pharaohs of Egypt, which was the Capital Empire to settle and inhabit Northwest Africa.


Being industrious people, they established and maintained a dominion which extended from Northwest and Southwest Africa, across the great Atlantis, into the present day North, South and Central Americas, including Mexico and the Atlantis Islands.  They are the founders and true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire.  Thus their true National descent was Moor or Moroccan. 


The fact that we are descendants of the Moroccans and born here in America makes our Nationality Moorish American.  It should also acknowledge the fact that we, the Moorish Americans, are the first true owners of this land called America.  The history book does not inform you of this secret which has been well kept; but it must be remembered that the history book tells only his story and not yours.


According to all true and divine records, the Ancient Moabites are of the Human Family, descendants of the Ancient Canaanites from the Holy Land of Canaan in Asia.  Without doubt or contradiction, we are today what our forefathers were yesterday.  This makes our origin Asiatic, and our land the Moroccan Empire.  Being that we are the descendants of the Ancient Moabites, who founded the Moroccan Empire, we must identify ourselves accordingly by proclaiming our Nationality.  All Asiatics in America, who cling to such marks as negro, black, colored, etc. are Moorish Americans, but they must first claim their Nationality by name and principle.


You may ask, if all the Asiatics of America are of Moroccan descent, how did the name black, colored and negro become fixed upon them?  As we know, through sin and disobedience, every great Empire or Nation has suffered slavery due to the fact that they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers.


The Nationality of the Moors was taken from them in the year 1774, by the Europeans of America.  The words “Black,” “Negro” and “Ethiopian” were placed upon the Asiatics in America who were of Moorish descent, because they honored not the creed and principles of their forefathers and strayed after the gods of Europe, of which they knew nothing.  By not honoring the Divine Principles of their forefathers and not worshipping under their own Vine and Fig Tree, the Moors left themselves wide open to be used as slaves (labor) because they were outside of the Constitutional fold of Law.


These names were not officially put on record in 1774 because the Europeans of this country were not considered as having their own independence from their mother country, England.  In 1776, after declaring their independence and signing the Declaration of Independence, the Europeans then moved to divide the Moors from being a Nation.  When the Moors were a divided nation, George Washington then took down the Moorish Flag, the Red Flag with the Five Pointed Green Star in the Center (so-called “Cherry Tree”).  In 1779 the names “Black,” “Negro,” “Colored” and “Ethiopian” were officially put on records.  However, we know that no man is able to change the descent nature of a people unless his powers extend beyond those of the Great God, ALLAH.


A man cannot be a “Black,” “Negro,” “Colored” or “Ethiopian,” because these names are not a part of the human family.  These names instead define a dead state of mind and delude to slavery.  The slaveholders put these names on our forefathers in order to dehumanize them, to sever their identification as members of the Human Family.  In doing this the Europeans could keep our forefathers in bondage, using them as cheap slave labor.  Unfortunately, our forefathers continued to cling to these names (marks), and so do many of us today.


In 1863, slavery was declared out by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.  Abraham Lincoln had proposed a resolution in 1862 called “Compensation Emancipation.”  This document has a three fold meaning to our forefathers, which were:  Emancipation (Freedom from slavery), Nationalization (Proclaiming their Nationality) and Compensation (To receive Money and Land).  This document was finally ratified in 1865 and added to The United States Constitution as the 13th Amendment.  Needless to say, this document was kept hidden.  So much that today on all copies of the United States Constitution, those openly presented, there are only Two (2) of the Original Twenty (20) sections of the Original 13th Amendment shown.


This is only another of the many great secrets of this country.  These were all hidden, until our Illustrious Prophet Noble Drew Ali appeared and brought us the truth about ourselves, our Nationality and Birthrights.  By the Moorish Science Temple of America being Incorporated, all the Laws which would provide the Rights, Opportunities and Immunities as Free National Beings, can be received through the connection of this Divine and National Movement.





 November 19, 2010


All praises are due to ALLAH.  Honor to HIS Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.  Honor to all true Moorish American Moslems wherever they may be.  True Moors are those who obey the laws laid down to them by their Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.  We all have a Nationality Card that reads the exact same thing; we all have a Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America that reads the exact same thing; we all have a Divine Constitution and By Laws that read the exact same thing; we all have the exact same Questionnaire, the exact same General Laws and Supreme Laws, etc.  This is our Doctrine.


No matter who introduced us to the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, any of us who holds his teachings highest in our hearts and equal to all Divine Teachings sent to man from ALLAH by HIS Angels or HIS Prophets, and obeys these laws is a true Moorish American Moslem.  There is no distinction between us.  The Holy Koran of Mecca explains to us in detail that nothing occurs except by ALLAH’S permission.  It also explains to us that ALLAH did not divide our Religion up into sects.  Therefore there are no different Moorish sects, sections or different Grand Bodies.  There is only one Grand Body and we are all connected to it.


Prophet Noble Drew Ali said “There is only one Moorish Science Temple of America, and its mine.”  Terms like ‘Grand Sheik,’ ‘Grand Governor,’ ‘Grand Body,’ ‘Supreme Grand Body,’ ‘Supreme Grand Council,’ etc. all belong to Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  Any of us who follow his teachings and holds one of these titles or is a part of one of these groups is subject to all of the laws of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  Any who does not obey his laws is not a true Moor.  So says Prophet Noble Drew Ali himself. 


Law governs all events.  ALLAH alone guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement.  Each of us is exactly where ALLAH wishes us to be at this time.  We are all in a place where we can solve our problems best.  Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the founder of the uniting of the Moorish Science Temple of America.  As we obey his laws and as we come together in study we will eventually unite because our survival depends upon it.  Prophet Noble Drew Ali said “United we stand; divided we fall.”  Therefore, if we do not come together as one unit we are subject to perish as a Movement and as a Nation.  We must exercise our teachings and learn to love instead of hate.


Everyone who claims a part has work to do to perpetuate the teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  We are all connected.  We all claim to love ALLAH, we all claim to love the Prophet and we all claim to love the Temple.  The only differences that we have seem to have emerged from a struggle for power initiated before most of us were born.  And over the years that spirit of separation has been fed and nurtured to the point where we find ourselves continuing those divisions at an alarming rate.  We actually find ourselves demonstrating the same things that we claim to be warriors against.  Spirits like vanity, ego, selfishness, hatred, slander, etc. now dwell heavily among the followers of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.


However our principles are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and according to our laws the principles must be proclaimed and practiced by all members of the Moorish Science Temple of America.  Love is the law.  Any of us who pushes divisions and hatred among us is in violation of the Prophet’s laws and should reconsider those points of view.  All true Moors must obey the laws laid down to them by their Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.  All Moors who push love and unity amongst us contribute to the uplifting of fallen humanity and deserve high honors.  Those Moors who contribute to the uplifting of fallen humanity by researching, writing and publishing articles and books and providing information that perpetuate the exact teachings of Prophet Noble Drew Ali deserve honors, no matter who introduced them to Moorish Science.


We would like to demonstrate an article that was printed by the Moors at 3810 S. Wabash in 1982.  This article is superb and these Moors deserve honor for printing it.  We appreciate these Moors for putting this valuable and treasured information into the ethers.  May we all grow and unfold and learn from one another.




Bro. Moreland El



And what is this day that you call Thanksgiving?  What is the history of it if you know?  Know you not that upon the day that you call Thanksgiving that you celebrate the death of and the surrender of your own so-called black forefathers?

On November 25, 1491, after a long bloody fight against the Moors (Asiatic Moslems) who occupied Spain over 700 years.  King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain fell upon their knees and gave thanks to Santiago for their victory over the Moors.  On this same day, the Pope of Rome proclaimed that day to be forever a day of Thanksgiving for all European Christians.  Why? Beacause the so-called Blacks of Granada (called Moors) who were originally from Africa, Spain, and Arabia surrendered the city of Granada, the last stronghold of the Moors in Spain, and the walls of the Moorish Empire came tumbling down.  These Sadian Moors were driven into Morocco and further down into West Africa and were later betrayed, captured, and sold into America as slaves.  Hunting down the stern, deep olive Kharajite Moor from Baghdad, Turkey and slaying or enslaving him was an act highly regarded by the Christian European forces who despised these Moors, mockingly called "Turkies", and the European looked upon these Turkish
Moors as being wild and heathen peoples and regarded them as their natural enemies.

So what you actually celebrate on your so called Thanksgiving is the Proclamation of the Pope of Rome who later in league with Queen Isabellasent Cardinal Ximenos of Spain to murder any Moor that resisted the religion of Christianity.

And this was a day of great great sorrow for our people all over the world.  But now you celebrate this fall
of a Moorish power and government and the rise of the European power and government and call it Thanksgiving.  Who is it that has taught you this - that November 25 is a day of Thanksgiving?  And this Moorish power that fell, know you not that these are the forefathers of you who call yourselves black Christians here in America?  And now you eat the Turkey and you kill the Turkey for your Thanksgiving day as the European powers destroyed the "Turkies" who were the forefathers of your mothers and fathers from East Asia.  And in this, you celebrate the loss of your own land, the rape of your own children, the humiliation of your own forefathers, the fall of the Moorish Empire, the enslavement of your own peoples--yes you celebrate this dark and shameful day in the history of our own peoples and call it Thanksgiving.

And to this very day, is not the proclamation of Thanksgiving issued both by the Pope of Rome and the President of the United
States?  And if your day of Thanksgiving has to do with the so called pilgrim forefathers founding this land of America, why are the so called black Christians of Africa, and the Christians all over the world taught to celebrate this day?  Can you not see the trick that is being played upon you before your very eyes while
your enemy laughs at your lack of knowledge about your own selves.  What a foolish people we are.

And how did your illustrious forefathers, who were Moslems and builders of the Holy City of Mecca come to be called Christians?  What made them accept the teachings of an adopted religion after having been the carriers of the Islamic Religion into Spain, India, North Africa, and China?

History records that after the fall of the Moorish Empire in Spain on November 25, 1491, your Moorish forefathers began to be forced and coerced into the religion of Christianity and as they reluctantly adopted that religion they began to be known as Moriscos, Negroes, Blackamoors, coloreds, infidels and finally slaves.  They were ordered to abandon their native dress and to wear the hats and breeches of the European Christian, and
to adopt the dirt of their European Christian conquerors by giving up bathing (the christian church at that tme barred bathing as sinful as during the act of bathing the naked body was revealed and it was believed by the church that demons and devils lurked wherever the unclothed body was revealed). The Moors were ordered to renounce their Asiatic and African languages, their ancient customs and ceremonies and to adopt the holy days
and celebrations of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Moors were forced to adopt European Christian names and to behave as a European.  The Mosques were closed, the books and writings of Moorish scholars were burned and (after the day that you call Thanksgiving) your forefathers were beaten, threatened and forced into the Christian "Gospel of Peace" and the "Gospel of Goodwill".  The Great Christian Emperor Charles V sanctioned this monstrous decree in 1526.  And these sufferings and horrible deeds were initiated by the Catholic Majesties and faultless Popes after the defeat of your forefathers on the day that you now celebrate as Thanksgiving in America.

And now you willingly fight against your true religion, your Asiatic language, your customs and ceremonies, and your own nation believing that you do nothing but worship God and honor your forefathers.

You believe nothing but a lie and now (by the Grace of Allah) the details of this lie have been brought before you.  And your enemy knows that I speak the truth and that you have been hoodwinked, deafened, and dumbed to what the truth really is.

Bro. Ibrahim Khalil Uliah