Knowledge of Self


We give All Praises to ALLAH, The Creator of All Things.  Praise HIM for All that HE sent us; the gifts of the understanding and the knowledge that there is no God; but ALLAH.

This website is built to open the conscious mind.  We hope that you find the information contained herein to be uplifting and we trust that it takes you to a place where you will find peace and on the understanding of the knowledge of self.

These teachings were brought to us by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who is the last Prophet in these days.  He returned to us our nationality and our divine creed.  We are Moorish Americans; decendants of Moroccans born in America.  We are not "negroes, colored folks, black people, or ethiopians."  Those names were given to slaves by slaveholders and represent an unconscious state of mind.

Our religion is Islamism, which is the religion of our ancient forefathers.  It is the same religion that was given to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, and to Jesus by ALLAH.  We ascribe no partners to ALLAH nor do we pray to anyone but HIM.

Peace & Love,

Sis. Chermonique Moreland El, Sheikess

Adept Thought


               AND JUSTICE

   The Highest Principles Known To Man